Unwire your existing music system


Make your wired sound system wireless

The Cloudstream wireless receiver can connect to any amplifier saving you the time, money and hassle of running wire to it.  If you have an existing sound system, you can locate your Cloudstream music player (with wireless option) anywhere in your business and broadcast wirelessly to the Cloudstream receiver. No wires needed!  You can also connect the Cloudstream wireless receiver to the music-on-hold input of your phone system to send music to it without running wire.

But wait...there’s more

At the flip of a switch, the receiver can become a transmitter, allowing your to stream audio from the line or headphone output of virtually any music source.

Incredible wireless performance!

Eos features an all digital 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter and receivers with a wireless range of up to 300’ (100m).  No static or interference, just great sound that is as good as running wires...but without the hassle. The wireless system supports up to 12 wireless speakers and receivers. 

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Wireless connection to your existing sound system


Important note:

This configuration requires that you choose the Cloudstream Music Player + Wireless.  Click here to go to the wireless system page >

Wireless Transceiver (transmitter/receiver)


Wireless Transceiver Features

Mode Switch Use as a wireless receiver or transmitter
Line Level Output/Inputs Connect to virtually any audio device to receiver or send wireless audio
Zone Switch Allows you to select between receiving  Zone 1 or Zone 2 audio
Impedance Switch Switch between 8Ω or 600Ω output to phone system music-on-hold
Extruded Aluminum Housing Great looking rugged, high quality enclosure
1/4 Wavelength Antennas High-gain antennas for maximum reception
Wall Mountable Attach to any vertical surface with ease...antennas rotate for vertical orientation
Multi-Receiver Support Supports up to 12 wireless speakers or receivers in transmit mode
Size 5.75" x 2.75" x 5" (w/h/d)
Weight 2.4 lbs


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