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Go wireless!!!

If you don't have a commercial sound system in your business, or if you just want to upgrade your sound system, the Cloudstream wireless music system is the way to go!  Our all digital wireless system has a range of up to 300' (100m). No static or interference, just great sound that is as good as running wires...but without the hassle. 


Be up and running in minutes

The Cloudstream wireless music system allows you to avoid the complication and expense of hiring a professional sound installer to wire in a traditional wired system. Install the ultimate music system in your business yourself and do it in minutes, not hours!



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The ultimate business music system

The true plug and play solution for getting great sounding music all over your business  
Do-it-yourself in minutes, not hours..all without professional help!

No Contracts, No Commitments, No hassles, 30-day Money-Back Guarantee! 

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The Music Starts Here

streaming music player

At the heart of the Cloudstream music service is our revolutionary streaming music player. Just connect the music player to your internet connection and pair the radio with the wireless speakers and you're ready to go! The Cloudstream streaming music player is packed with features, but it's as easy and intuitive to use as a car radio. Your Cloudstream Music subscription will be automatically added to your cart when you select your player.

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Plug & Play Wireless Speakers

wireless speakerMount directly to any wall outlet.  The Cloudstream wireless powered speakers are a perfect solution for most any application. The integrated power supply allows the speaker to mount onto any wall outlet without additional installation, or use the optional wall-mounting bracket for other installations. The Cloudstream wireless speaker includes an integrated 30W digital amp with 4" woofer & 1" tweeter in a ported bass reflex enclosure which produces deep bass, rich midrange and crystal clear highs.

wireless speaker wall mount Mount up!
The Cloudstream wireless speaker features an optional wall mount kit that allows you to put this wireless powerhouse of a speaker virtually anywhere in your business.

Speaker Specs


Make your existing wired sound system wireless

The Cloudstream wireless receiver can connect to any amplifier, saving you the time, money and hassle of running wire to it...and best of all you can do it yourself!  If you have an existing sound system, you can locate your Eos streaming music player (with wireless option) anywhere in your business and broadcast to a Cloudstream wireless receiver. Forget the wires, forget the hassle!  Learn more >

Connection as easy as 1 - 2 - 3


Watch Setup Video

Player & Wireless Speaker Setup Video

Streaming Music Player Features

streaming music player streaming music player

Shown with wireless music option

Player Features

Backlit LCD Displays station, artist & song title
Tuning Knob Gives you access to the over 65 Cloudstream stations
Station Presets Allows you to save up to 10 favorite stations
Monitor Speaker Listen to what's being played right at the player
MOH USB Flash Drive Input Perfect for telephone music on-hold. Streams MP3 files from any USB flash drive on Zone 2 of the player (flash drive not included)
Master Volume Controls Control the sound output level to wireless speakers/receivers on Zone 1 & 2
SD Card Backup Plays MP3 files from an SD card (not included) if you lose your internet connection
Paging Input Allows paging over Zone 1 when connected to a paging amp
Audio Input (Zone 2) Allows you to input any audio source an stream it wirelessly over Zone 2 (requires player with wireless music option)
Ethernet Port Connect directly to your internet router
Wireless Music Option Stream 2.4GHz digital wirelesss audio to Eos wireless speakers & wireless receivers. Supports up to 12 wireless speakers/receivers. Wireless range of up to 300ft (100m)
IR Remote Allows you to wirelessly change stored station presets
Size 7.13" × 3" × 6.38" (w/h/d)
Weight 2.6 lbs


Wireless Speaker Features




Wireless Speaker Features

Volume Control Allows you to adjust the volume of each speaker individually
Channel Switch Allows you to select right/left or mono output on each speaker
Zone Switch Allows you to select between receiving Zone 1 or Zone 2 audio
IR Remote Control power, volume, tone and loudness on each individual speaker
Powerful Class D Amp Integrated amp with 30W of power
Great Sound 4” woofer, 1” tweeter in an MDF bass reflex cabinet
Wall Outlet Mounting Turns wall outlets into speaker systems...just plug and play
Wall Mount Option Pivoting wall mount allows traditional wall mounting of speakers
Size 8" x 8" x 13" (w/h/d)
Weight 7 lbs

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